Roughshod Records

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   Welcome to Roughshod Records, a small Independent Country Music Label dedicated to keepin' that traditional country sound alive since 1987! Eight Cassettes and 50 CDs later we're still running and constantly working on producing exciting new songs that will have your toes tapping and warm you up from the inside out! 

   Mike Johnson, Country Music's No.1 Black Yodeler, is still at the helm, and onboard since August 2012 and breathing new life into the label, is James Adelsberger, co-producer, recording artist, recording & mixing engineer. And like Mike, he's also a published songwriter and BMI member. Don't let his young looks fool you, because this College Sophomore is also one helluva multi-talented, award-winning musician who also composes Jazz and Classical Music!

   Hang onto your hats, it's gonna be an exciting ride!

                                                                          Joe Arnold, Manager, Roughshod Records

          1st CD 13 June 1999                           49th CD 15 November 2014                  50th CD 15 November 2014

P.O. Box 100933, Arlington, Va. 22210

703-671 0935 * blackyodelno1@aol.com

Black Yodel No.1
Mike Johnson (Black Yodel No.1 the Song the Songwriter)