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Virgie Warren * Rest In Peace * 14 October 2015

Posted by [email protected] on October 18, 2015 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello Folks,

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Traditional Country Music singer-songwriter, and very dear friend, Virgie Warren, passed away on Wednesday 14 October 2015 due to cancer complications.

Virgie had been a foundation for traditional country music in Michigan for over 4 decades. She met and knew numerous country stars, big and small, and received numerous awards and recognitions for helping scores of independent country music up-and-comers, personally and through her "Bluebird Country News."

I for one am deeply indebted to her for the additional exposure her magazine gave me and through Ralph Compton's "Hard Country Beat" magazine, for whom she also wrote. In 2003 my trucking career was ended by the collapse of three neck vertebrae on my spinal cord. Virgie and her best friend, Betty J. Paulette, also a very dear friend, were two of many selfless friends who came to my aide during my recovery period, you can't ask for better than that.

Virgie Warren

I was informed of this loss an hour ago via a phone conversation with Betty J. Paulette, who is currently in Glacier Hill Care & Rehabilitation Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, recovering from a heart attack.

Mike Johnson, Roughshod Records


James Adelsberger's "Pure Country CD of the Year" Award

Posted by [email protected] on September 20, 2015 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

   Roughshod Records recording artist & co-producer James Adelsberger received the Rural Roots Music Commission "Pure Country CD of the Year" award on 31 August 2015 for his 13-song CD "Old Time Country Songs Are They Really Dead and Gone?" He was presented the award by Bob Everhart, president of the National Traditional Country Music Association, during his debut performance on the Main Stage at the week-long 40th Annual Old Time Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa. This was James first NTCMA festival, as well as his first solo cross-country trip.

   Bob Everhart remarked to label owner Mike Johnson, "James is a thunderbolt for traditional music. He's absolutely fantastic. Everywhere he went he had followers and well-wishers.  ...My God Mike, you did a good job with this kid, congratulations from the bottom of my heart. God what a wonderfully sweet young man, and so incredibly talented." In a review James' CD he called it an incredible "country" country album! And everyone acknowledged what a nice, personable and respectful young man he is!

   James returned very overwhelmed by his experience, elated that he got to meet and perform with so many talented and wonderful musicians and singers. Roni and Donna Stoneman, of the Hee Haw TV series signed one of his guitars. He performed with traditional country artists Red Johnson, Randy Barlow, Jacob Austin [of Jacob Austin Band] and young Country & Western artist, Kristyn Harris. Not to mention he met a lot of Mike's long-time music friends, Terry Smith {Far Side Banks of Jordan, Danny Dee and Donna, Bill Lear, Fred Lawson, Lee Mueller and of course, Bob and Sheila Everhart, founder of the National Traditional Country Music Association, an internationally well-respected organization. He he sold a lot of CDs!

   James' album is available at the Roughshod Records web store and from CD Baby and its many digital affiliates. Our hats off to our fantastic young star for doing such a great job representing himself and Roughshod Records! Everyone round here is grinnin' from ear to ear!

Joe Arnold, manager Roughshod Records

Roughshod Records 49th & 50th CDs on CD Baby

Posted by [email protected] on June 16, 2015 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

   Roughshod Records 49th CD, James Adelsberger's "OLD TIME COUNTRY SONGS ARE THEY REALLY DEAD AND GONE?" and 50th CD, Mike Johnson's "DOGGONE IT I'VE WRITTEN A SAD SONG AGAIN" are now available on CD Baby as of 12 June 2015.


   James' 13-song release features "Riversong" written by him and "Could Be the Whiskey Talkin'" co-written by him and Mike Johnson. All other songs were written by Mike Johnson, with a co-write on "Liquid Hell" by Leo Maimone. James taps Mike for back-up vocals on "Anybody Here Love a Nut?' and the yodeling song "Your Old Lady Strut."

   Bob Everhart writing for Tradition Magazine in Anita, Iowa, states in part, a "...incredibly 'country' country CD..." and goes on to state that his CD " not only above board pure country music, it's a reflection of the really good abilities of James, from vocals to every single instrument used in the session, a well as his incredible production ear which is phenomenal..."

   Ed King writing for Entertainment News in Santa Fe, Texas states in part "...A 13-song remarkable CD album... My overall impression is that this young man should have been doing this 50 years ago when Traditional style music was in style. James would have been rated with such greats as Ernest Tubb, Roger Miller and the long lists of famous artists we have lost..."


   Mike's 12-song release is a reflection of the types of traditional country he listened to during the 1950s and 1960s. No yodeling on this one, for which Mike is well known. And not all sad songs either like "The Day Hank Williams Died" and "Home For Sunday Supper." There's some light-hearted fun with "Isn't Goofy Something At All?" and "Chug-A-Lug Another One" a duet with him and James, and also a reflection of Roger Miller's influence. Mike wrote all the songs and his country blues song "Pain! Pain! Pain! is sure to get your attention.

   Bob Everhart writing for Tradition Magazine states in part "...writing and recording some of the best 'real' country songs I' ever had the pleasure to listen to...The stories in the songs are all here, just as 'real' country music has always been...The 'topics' of the songs are all here, just as 'real' country music has always been... an artistic work incredibly well done..."

   Ed King writing for Entertainment News in Santa Fe, Texas states in part “…Mike has become a leading country traditionalist over the past years. His music explores concepts about real country. His new album “Doggone It I’ve Written A Sad Song Again” takes traditional country, one of our most pervasive natural forces into its encompassing theme…”


   Traditional Country Music has a sound. And the instruments play a role that is equally as important as the singer. These two releases are the proof in the pudding that Executive Producer Mike Johnson and Co-Producer James Adelsberger definitely know how to keep the 'Country' in the music! James played all the instruments, created the music tracks, and wrote the scores for his friend Michael Romans who provided the excellent fiddling. Both releases, as with any Roughshod Records productions are also available directly from Roughshod Records. Locally you can also obtain them from Plan 9 Music in Richmond, Virginia. CD Cellars in Arlington & Falls Church Virginia, and Mobius Records and Fairfax Record & Tape Exchange, both in Fairfax, Virginia. If you're a fan of traditional country music that us baby-boomers grew up on, these are the albums for you!

Joe Arnold, manager Roughshod Records


Merry Christmas 2014

Posted by [email protected] on December 26, 2014 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)


from Mike Johnson, James Adelsberger, and Joe Arnold.

Roughshod Records Historic Day!

Posted by [email protected] on December 25, 2014 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

   On Thursday 18 December 2014 our SideKicks Mike Johnson and James Adelsberger went over to the Library of Congress to deliver Roughshod Records 49th and 50th CDs for the Recorded Sound Reference Center’s Mike Johnson Music Collection. This department is charged with collecting and preserving all genres of American Music and then some.

   Both albums were released on 15 November 2014. James’ 13-song “Old Time Country Songs Are They Really Dead and Gone?” and Mike’s 12-song “Doggone It I’ve Written a Sad Song Again” along with the SideKicks Christmas Special CD Single on You and Me Records first release [4 December 2014]. On hand to receive the items, which included three photographs and James’ Sheet Music Folio “Anybody Here Love a Nut?” was Specialist Janet McKee who orchestrated Mike’s collection back in April 2007 when she acquired 114 of Mike’s yodeling songs and related music material, including a 42 page music biography. They’ve since acquired several Mike Johnson music books and 16 DVDs of some of Mike’s performances for their Motion Picture and TV Division. James became part of American Music History back in 2013 when Mike delivered their 2-song CD Singles, James’ “Back Home Again” and his own “Livin’ Lost Love On the Jukebox Again.”

   All three CDs are available from the Roughshod Records Web Store, and the Christmas Single is also available for free streaming and downloading. What a great way to end the year!

   Merry Christmas to all, and the Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, we’ll see ya next year!

Joe Arnold, manager, Roughshod Records

CDs No.49 & 50 are HERE!

Posted by [email protected] on November 11, 2014 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)


RCD49 "Old Time Country Songs Are They Really Dead and Gone?" featuring James Adelsberger!


RCD50 "Doggone It I've Written a Sad Song Again" featuring Mike Johnson!

Order your copies today for only $8.00!

The price goes up to $10 on 16 December 2014.

We ship to CD Baby in 2015 and the price will go to $12.95 or something like that.

BUT, they will always be $10.00 here! AND we'll pay the postage!

"Keepin' the Traditional Sound Alive!"

Joe Arnold, Roughshod Records

New CDs for 2014 on the way!

Posted by [email protected] on September 29, 2014 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Howdy Folks!

Yep, its been awhile, but I guarantee you that our time has not been wasted. As you know, our last releases were James and my CD Singles and a couple of related Samplers back in 2012. In December of that year my friend Bart Plantenga's follow-up book on the history of global yodeling "Yodel In HiFI" was published. The timing was just right because I was holding up publication of my music anthology, "I Just Wanted to Be A Songwriter, A Mike Johnson Music Anthology" so that I could include part of my profile from his book. Happy to say that I'm on pages 30 & 31 in "Yodel In HiFi"  with a photograph of a very young me looking country to the bone! Also included were photographs I had taken of some other yodelers I had known, McDonald Craig, Janet McBride, and Donna Hyland immediately come to mind.

"I Just Wanted to Be A Songwriter, a Mike Johnson Music Anthology" published in December 2012 with over 300 pages of nearly everything that has ever been written, published, produced about and by me from 1981 to December 2012. And yes, it does include page 30 of my "Yodel In HiFi" profile, as well as mine and James' CDs #41 and #42. Though me and my brilliant young musician were supposed to be working on our albums we basically spent most of 2013 rehearsing and performing locally. James went off to college out of town in the Fall and I started formulating our albums. Things started off kinda rocky in 2014 because of James being away, but in the summer we began swiftly making up for lost time. Long story short, we finished all of Master Vocals for James' 13-song CD "Old Time Country Songs Are They Really Dead and Gone?" in August 2014. Included is James' composition "Riversong" and our first co-write "Could Be the Whiskey Talkin'" He did such a great job on this that I decided that it had to be included. We also do a yodeling duet on "Your Old Lady Strut."

My 12-song CD "Doggone It I've Written a Sad Song Again" is absent any yodeling. I had one but wasn't pleased with my scratchy yodeling so I dropped it in favor of another sad song to keep with the theme. Our over-all theme and new label motto since James came aboard is "Keepin' the Traditional Sound Alive! Our scheduled release date for the new CDs is 15 November 2014. We've got some exciting songs featuring some exciting tracks, all of which were done by James, who also played all of the instruments except the fiddle. which was done by his good friend Michael Romans. We think you'll be more than pleased.

Mike Johnson, Roughshod Records

Louise Odum, Rest in Peace

Posted by [email protected] on December 7, 2013 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Tuesday night, 4 December 2013,  I received a phone call from Scott Odum informing me that his mother, and my dear friend, [Margaret] Louise Odum, age 86, passed away in her sleep around 9pm that same night. Her health had been gradually declining following an accident many years earlier, but true to her people person personality she lived life energetically until the end. I met Louise around the mid-1990s while I was trucking and during the heyday of my music career. She was the general manager of Western Outlet, a western clothing store on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. We hit it off and she took me under her wings and became of one several "road" moms who had adopted me while I was trucking. She always keep me well dressed for my stage performances with buckles and shirts, and had a heart as big as Texas. I enjoyed many visits at the store and her home in Lebanon, Tennessee, and her Tennessee tales. I visited her off and own after my forced retirement from trucking following a neck injury in November 2003. Though I sensed she was on her final journey when we talked on the phone as we did quite often, I was still devastated when Scott delivered the news. I'll surely miss her for she truly touched my heart. Love ya, Louise, or "young'un" as we used to say to each other!

Mike Johnson

Welcome J. A. Music Publishing

Posted by [email protected] on November 22, 2013 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

   We're proud to welcome J.A. Music Publishing, as a member of our MAJJ Music Group. Created informally in Septemeber 2013 by our talented young musician James Adelsberger at the urging of Mike Johnson, it was officially designated with its own Logo in November 2013.

   James has been composing classical and jazz music for some time, with a particular knack for film scoring, and has co-written songs with his rock band the Right Condition. He's recently composed an exciting song for his upcoming Roughshod Records album and is in the process of composing several more for a follow-up project, along with a film score for our official Electric Palm DVD photo gallery. Thanks James, and y'all stay tuned!

   Joe Arnold, Roughshod Records

Message from James

Posted by [email protected] on September 11, 2013 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

On 24 August 2013, Mike received a message from James saying that college is going great. He hasn't had an opportunity to perform just yet but soon will, after he gets all of his courses and schedules in order. Of course, we both support and wish him well and are anxious to have him home on breaks so we can wrap up our album projects.

Joe Arnold, Roughshod Records