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SideKicks Christmas Special [YAMR1]


Released: 4 December 2014 * UPS: 061946000462 * Time 7:50

Featuring Roughshod Records SideKicks Mike Johnson and James Adelsberger, this is also You and Me Records' first release! Created in 1987 along with You and Me Music Publishing and Roughshod Records, it has been sitting on a shelf because the non-country songs in the publisher's catalog were being released on Roughshod Records with a country flavor.

Well, not anymore! With the inclusion of all-around musician James Adelsberger's instrumental prowess, Mike Johnson's non-country songs can stand on their own under the intended You and Me banner. Having just released their new albums, Roughshod Records 49th & 50th CDs on the 15th of November 2014, our SideKicks decided to have a little fun and deliver a couple of humorous Christmasy eyebrow raisers.

1. Ho! Ho! Ho!

2. Put Out the Fire In the Fireplace

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