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Old Time Country Songs Are They Really Dead & Gone? [RCD49]


Rural Roots Music Commission "Pure Country CD of the Year" Award 31 August 2015

Released 15 November 2014 * UPC: 061946000257 * Time 51:09

This CD contains 13 songs featuring James Adelsberger singing some classic Mike Johnson songs. A number of firsts include his own composition "Riversong" written especially for this album, and two duets with Mike Johnson. "Anybody Here Love a Nut?" and the yodeling song "Your Old Lady Strut." And last but not least, "Could Be the Whiskey Talkin'" his first co-write with Mike Johnson.

1. Are They Really Dead and Gone?

2. Liquid Hell

3. Or You Can Tell Her That You're Sorry

4. Riversong

5. Anybody Here Love a Nut?

6. Me and My Sad Self

7. Sweet Abilene

8. Bad Whiskey Bad Sex and Bad Men

9. Mike's Guitar Fiddle Boogie

10. Barrooms and Bedrooms

11. Doctor! Doctor!

12. Your Old Lady Strut

13. Could Be the Whiskey Talkin

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