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My Heart Still Sees [RCD52]


Nominated for the Rural Roots Music Commission's 2017 "Classic Country CD of the Year" award in May 2017!

Released 13 August 2016 * RCD52-13082016-2

UPC: 061946000493 * Time: 43:07 * $12.99

This CD marks James Adelsberger’s coming-of-age as a country artist who no longer has to stand in the shadow of his mentor, Mike Johnson. Taking front and center stage with an amazing selection of 13 hand-picked songs, he also wrote new music for four of them and added additional verses to “Here We Go Again” to which he gave a Bob Wills western swing touch. Track No.13, “Roughshod Records SideKicks” is the performing theme song for James Adelsberger & Mike Johnson. James sings the lead and Mike joins in. Mike sings the lead on the same song on his CD “Let Me Die In a Honky Tonk!” and James joins in. Another great combination of great music tracks by James and fantastic fiddling by Michael Romans, makes this emotional journey is a must have!

1. My Heart Still Sees

2. Pictures On the Wall

3. High Lonesome (duet with Mike Johnson)

4. Here We Go Again-II

5. Another Lonely Night-II

6. Livin' Two Loves

7. Always For You

8. Sittin' In a Truck Stop Down In Georgia

9. Face Without a Name-II

10. He Wrote the Song On the Jukebox-II

11. I Don't Know Where They've Gone

12. Back Into the Fold

13. Roughshod Records SideKicks (duet with Mike Johnson)

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